New addition to the harem

It seems that just when I decide that I have too many bikes and stop looking for another project. One will fall in my lap.

This “new” bicycle is a Raleigh RSW (Raleigh Small Wheel according to the late great Sheldon Brown) Compact. My assumption is that she is from ’68-’70 because of the bronze green color and she is all original but for the tires.

These are the before pictures I usually forget to take. I am very excited about this project! Thus far the only snag I have come across is that I can’t find a source for the white 16×2.0 tires.  I can find some that are knobbys but I don’t quite feel it wouldbe right. Schwalbe has the right size and tread but in black only. I’ll probably go that way.

I’ll try to keep abreast of the progress and post them up as I go along.




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2 responses to “New addition to the harem

  1. Nice, bro! Good looking bike!

  2. John

    Ohh sweet. I’ve worked on a fair few of those. They’re the chosen steed of Peeblian old ladies but I’ve fitted knobblies to two for a couple who used them to gain acces to remote hills whilst Munro bagging (google it). Seriously. Sweet bike.


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