Bike Club Baiku

Here are some examples of bicycle based haiku. This was a “homework” assignment I gave to my bike club kids.

“Write a haiku about bikes” I said. “What is a haiku” they said. “5-7-5 syllables” I said. They said ummm ok….
Any way, four of them got one or more done and I came up with a couple.


My bike is wicked

It has foot pegs on the wheels

I fly on my bike


My bike has cool wheels

My bike wheels have many spokes

A blur on the street


Speeding super fast

Through the muddy grass

A big grass killer


Serenity sweet

The breeze caresses my back

I’ll sweat later on

Turning northward oof

The breeze now a hurricane

Spinning gone just mash

Head down chest heaving

Turn ahead, a copse of trees

Relief, rest, home soon


Cars and trucks rush by

Honks and cheers they cry I think

You walk on sidewalk


Hybrid car driving

Quietly sneaking beside

Your conscience scared me


Left right stop air brake

Look left right left back front turn

Start slow use helmet


I like riding bikes

My friend and I like bikes

I enjoy bike club


I love my new bike

It is red and black with gears

My bike is awesome!




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